Oval Stories

Our first Odyssey Stories project launched in June 2019 at Oval station, in south London. Oval is a community station. It is home to the first 'Thought of the Day' board, and a book exchange, plants and a bench make it a welcoming place for everyone passing through. The storytellers featured below all share a connection to the Oval area. Their stories are unique, but they are also linked to each other in surprising and interesting ways.

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I’ve worked on the Underground for 27 years - we want to encourage a sense of community spirit in Oval station.


I love the diversity of this area and I have lovely neighbours. I feel at home here.


I’m comfortable with my identity and I want to raise our kids to be strong and confident in their identities too.


I’ve come full circle, but I’m in a different place now. The local people around here have given me a chance and I’m not giving up.


I’ve gone from a place of darkness to doing everything I want to do.

Mr Hamilton

I was a security guard watching over Winston Churchill’s body after he died. I’m 102 now and still waiting for my OBE!


I feel like we’re custodians, taking care of this place. You can’t take it with you when you go, after all.


Last year we started growing vegetables on the roof of Oval Tube. Now I’m a more confident gardener. It’s nice to have that sense of achievement.


I’m a very energetic and positive person. I try and see the bright side of life, even in dark times.


I’m not one of the smartest kids, but I work my socks off and I try to be a role model for others.


Everyone has a story to tell and you discover so many interesting things when you start a conversation.


I think it’s good to talk to one another. Once people have a conversation it diminishes the idea of ‘the other’.